Duplicate Content Part 1

I’ve been monitoring one of my sites for some time and in the past month, I’ve noticed a 50% decrease in the amount of organic (search engine) traffic that is coming to the site. Of course, when you see a trend like this, the first thing to find out is if it’s an industry trend. The company being a legal services firm, I immediately began calling my contacts in the industry to see if they’ve seen the same downturn. They have not. Continue reading


Duplicate Content Part 2

In my previous post, I eluded to the fact that I had discovered another form of duplicate content on one of the sites I monitor. I will discuss it today, but just for the sake of disclosure, there will be a part 3 coming shortly, as I have discovered a third culprit today. It is amazing the different things that can be overlooked that eventually lead to possible duplicate content dings from the search engines. Continue reading


The War on Spam – The Basics

What Spammers Do…

The biggest headache in the online world today, other than viruses, is spam. Spam is unsolicited email usually sent in mass to many email addresses at once. Another form of spam can be the repeated submissions of web forms, such as guestbook entries, contact forms, product reviews, blog comments, etc. These submissions usually contain bogus contact information and a series of links leading to not-so-nice sites. Continue reading