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Content Management

One of the most common content management platforms in use today is WordPress. Many Fortune 1000 companies have WordPress websites. This site is built on that platform.

A content management system, like WordPress, allows you to add or update content on your website yourself, without having to hire a web developer or outsource it to an agency. Ease of use is the primary reason so many businesses are turning to CMS (content management systems). You log in to the platform via the internet and add content or make changes. Once you save, the updates are live to viewers.

Blue Web Technologies has implemented many WordPress sites and blogs for clients. With plugins and widgets, there’s almost nothing you can’t do. Some features take more development than others and pricing on customization is based on time required to do the work.

The original purpose of WordPress was as a blog platform. Blogs and “blogging” have become today’s most popular form of public communication for ideas, rants, and even personal thoughts. A blog is a dynamic web site or addition to a web site that allows users to create a topic, write about it and allow others to comment on it.


“Ranking & Blogging – A match in heaven”

Set aside from traditional forms of SEO (internet marketing), blogs are another step in the pyramid to success. Blogs also help create site reputation, create pages, keywords, and user generated content, just to name a few. This is also an effective tactic to gain traffic. Submitting to blog directories helps expose your blog to the public. Proper keyword and anchor placement will help your SEO efforts.

“A daily routine for success”

Popular blogs across the internet rely on fresh content. Users write into their blogs daily or several times a week. Your goal is to generate traffic and a network of users that will help you reach your marketing goals. Though it is a pain to write content everyday because you have better things to do, it is important to make that commitment to your readers. It doesn’t matter if you do it with your morning cup of coffee or during lunch, blogging is rewarding and can yield your site a good public following.

If you are a pro in your field and you have information to share, give us a call to see how we can integrate your blogging ideas into your site. Allow us to help generate the traffic you need to gain better exposure. 850-455-1464

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