Custom Web Design

“No Two Web Sites Are Alike”

Generally there are 2 categories of custom web sites- static & dynamic.

  1. Static web design is a web site that has no dynamic, or database driven, capabilities. The web pages are designed by a web developer and usually updated by a developer or someone familiar with HTML code. This is among the most popular type of design because of cost. At BWT, we develop your site to your genre and help you keep the site up to date. You let us know the changes you need, and in most cases the changes will happen almost immediately. Static sites usually have the extension .html.
  2. Dynamic web design is a web site created with the thought of interactivity, such as a blog, news, content management, or database driven elements. Most clients use dynamic design for E-Commerce or content management sites. Pages within these sites likely have the extension, .php, .asp, .aspx, or .cfm.

Custom web design is not only about the type of pages, but most importantly how your finished site looks and performs. We can help generate a look that fits your company and gives you the exposure you need to make the web work for you. We also have graphic designers who can create logos or other graphics for your site.

“Multi-Browser Support”

Web users are becoming more educated, to include the use of several different web browsers. Creating a web site to perform well in all broswers is important because there are several browsers – like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome) that are gaining market share on the ever popular Internet Explorer. We test our web sites on 5 different browser platforms to include Safari (a Mac browser also available for Windows) to ensure we reach all audiences effectively. You can read more about browser statistics at Wikipedia.

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