Gallery Creations

Online Photo Gallery Creation

Many sites have a gallery to show off their photo or graphic content. Designers have portfolios, builders have projects, realtors have featured properties. The one thing they all have in common is that they have pictures to display.

Ways to Display

One popular way to display photos is in a checkerboard gallery. This is simply a row of thumbnail photos in a grid format. The photos can be clickable (to make the photo larger) and/or have a brief description or name under it. This is a static gallery.

Dynamic galleries fall into a few different styles. One type of database driven gallery allows the creator to use an interface that allows them to add photos via an admin section and set parameters such as size, description, keywords (if search is used), categories, etc. The user is then able to see this information on the site. These galleries are usually created as a software package that is bundled with many features for the user who needs categories and has many photos to display.

Another dynamic gallery is built in Flash. Flash galleries are interactive and can scroll, zoom, and perform other visually enticing functions. Keep in mind search engines can’t always read content built in Flash, so caution must be exercised.

A third type of gallery is a Flash gallery supporting XML (Extensible Markup Language). This type of gallery allows the stage and actions to be made in Flash, but the data is pulled from an XML file rather than a database. These XML files can be created by the developer and updated by the client so the client doesn’t even have to know Flash. These galleries can support larger groupings with categories.

Gallery Optimization

Aside from the gallery creation, adding photos to a gallery isn’t the end. The photos can be resized and optimized (fixing color, shadows, etc.). Most users do not know how to manipulate an image, and leaving the image in a raw state may not look good for the web. We have the tools and knowledge to help get those raw images into a web optimized state for your viewers. We also have photographers on staff who can take those important photos for you either from the air or on the ground.

If you have a project that is in need of quality imagery or you have the photos and need a great gallery solution, let us handle your imaging and gallery needs.

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