Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a crucial part of the entire web design process. Graphic designers play many roles, such as designing the site to be developed, logos, customized cartoons, favicons, app icons, and graphics, just to name a few.

Jack of All Trades

Graphic artists, though very gifted in electronic design, often double as web developers. There are many who are gifted to specialize in both areas, but sites designed with lots of graphics, weighing a page down, makes it take longer to load. Another issue is the lack of code structure in graphic heavy sites. Many graphics on a page tend to over dramatize a page and its code structure leaves very little content for the search engines. Some browsers have difficulty displaying heavy graphic sites. If the content of a page is in the form of a graphic, the user cannot copy and paste the text nor can the search engines readily read the text. There is a time and place for graphics and text – we can guide you to the correct ratios.

Best of both worlds

Successful web development companies employ both graphic artists and web developers to work as a team on projects. While graphic designers are specialized in their field of graphics, developers specialize in code structure, page load times, and multi-browser development and support. Together this duo can create an excellent web site for the client. BWT has this team, with individuals specializing in the skills needed to create great web sites. BWT has web developers, graphic artists, programmers, and SEO consultants, on staff. Whatever your vision, BWT will create the solution.

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