Web Hosting and Domain Names

Expose Yourself! by Hosting Your Site With BWT

Once a site is completed, the web site needs to be “exposed” to the world. This is done via web hosting. There are thousands of companies that can host your site for you, but what do you look for? Some of the things to look for in a hosting company are:

  1. Customer service – how long does it take to contact them (or them to reply to you)?
  2. What is the hard drive space? This is the space consumed by your site.
  3. How much bandwidth do I get? This is the traffic going through your site.
  4. How many email addresses do I get? Larger firms may exeed those requirements, thus costing extra for more addresses.
  5. How reliable are the servers? Very few can say 100%, but most say 99.9%. Downtime is usually caused by software upgrades done at night.

BWT tailors each hosting package to your specific needs. Why pay for things you’ll never use? We add in site updates and check your site regularly as part of our packages. Businesses are too busy to worry about hosting and email addresses. We offer those as part of our package as well. We can even help configure your Outlook or other email client for you. Contact us today regarding your existing website hosting needs.

Domain Names

BWT provides domain names to clients. We can help search for the right domain that will also give you a little boost in the search engines. There is some science in choosing the right domain name. We provide a free domain name for 1 year with the purchase of a web site. All the configurations are taken care of for you. Contact us today for more information on domain name purchases.

Other Online Marketing

BWT can provide companies with e-marketing solutions such as online newsletters and e-brochures. These items are extremely important if you plan to keep in touch with your clients regularly. With email being the most popular method of communication, marketing your company through an e-brochure can help you reach out to potential clients who may not have found you on the web. E-brochures are excellent for presentaions as well. Contact BWT today and let us show you the impact a well-made e-brochure can have.

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