Search Engine Optimization – SEO

“I want to rank higher in Google!”

Every web site owner and developer wants their site to be number one in the search engines. Many are finding this to be more of a difficult task than it was several years ago. With millions of competing sites in every genre, simple “tagging” techniques don’t work anymore. Google, among others, has tightened the reins on this type of practice, making developers work harder to get their site to rank well. To get higher search engine rankings, SEO consultants should focus on the entire site, its incoming, outgoing, and internal links, and its social development.

“How do I choose a reputable SEO company?”

There are thousands of SEO companies that boast guaranteed number one rankings in no time. A company who has certified SEO consultants on staff, can answer all your questions, and has a proven track is what to look for. An SEO professional will consult with you and let you know what your site is lacking before they ever proceed with the actual SEO process. A reputable SEO firm should not promise you a certain search engine ranking, because no one can manipulate or “buy” search engine rankings (unless it’s through pay-per-click advertising). The search engine consultant should give you an analysis of the process and work with you to reach the ranking and placement you desire. Google changes its algorithm often and a search engine professional should know when that occurs and the steps that can be taken to be sure your site is optimized and avoids negative impact. Chasing an algorithm is not the answer.

Don’t be fooled by those who tell you to hide content or keywords in your text, or suggest other forms of spamming the search engines. This is known as “black hat” search engine optimization and will do you more harm than good with the search engines in the long run. The result of this technique can cause a domain name to become blacklisted from Google altogether. Eventually these techniques will be discovered and penalized by the search engines and should be avoided.

“The ‘Magic’ of SEO – Better Search Engine Ranks”

An SEO project can last several months to years depending on the situation. Analysis of code structure, linking, meta data, social profile and content all play a vital role in the SEO process. By performing a detailed analysis, the SEO consultant will be able to tell you what needs to be done to help your site rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Some sites just need tweaking, while others need a complete overhaul. Once the process is started, the SEO professional will track the progress of the site with software that shows:

  1. What pages are being viewed
  2. The sources of the traffic
  3. The keywords used in the search engines to find your pages
  4. Amount of time users stayed on the site
  5. New visitors vs returning visitors
  6. Geographical location of the users, as well as operating systems, browsers, and isp providers

…and many more.

A search engine optimization professional may provide that data at regular intervals showing you how the site has improved. If these techniques are followed, yout should see a significant change in your ranking, and hopefully your traffic and sales as well.

“Pay Per Click vs. Organic – Internet Marketing Battle”

The biggest misconception in SEO and SEM is that pay-per-click programs can get you top rankings. This is not true. If you do a search in Google, you’ll notice the right side and the top of the page has ads, or sponsored links. This is the pay-per-click section. The more you are willing to pay for your keywords the higher you will rank in the sponsored section of the results pages.

Pay per click advertising is usually the avenue of choice for a business that’s just starting out and waiting on the site to rank well organically, or get out of the proverbial “sandbox.” It is also useful for sites attracting visitors via very competitive keywords.

Once a user clicks on your ad, you are charged for the click based on your bid for that word or phrase. Evaluation of keywords is crucial for that type of program to work effectively. Please note that less than 30% of all Google traffic clicks on sponsored (paid) listings, so it is a stepping stone or supplement, not the basis of a well developed marketing effort.

The left side and main portion of the search engine results page, or SERP, is called the organic listings. This is what most people normally browse through to find the site they want. This is also what developers compete for when optimizing a web site for search.

“A Certified Internet Marketing Company”

BWT has SEO professionals on staff ready to evaluate your site. We can provide you an overview of your site or an in-depth look at where your site is and what we can do to get better search engine rankings with your online internet marketing effort. We have proven techniques that can help you in your strategic internet marketing efforts. Our professionals can also discuss Google AdWords, and AdCenter with those who wish to use the pay per click method.

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